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Thursday, July 21, 2011

To the Guy on the 105 at 1745

Brother that is some hairdoo. I never imagined dreadlocks could look so good ... that's the look that is gonna score you some chicks and Doooood! You are so stoned! Relax Dude! Nobody knows. You know what that is in your hand. It's a nut cracker! You decide to make it look like you're not stoned that taking the nut cracker apart is just the thing to do. You seem suprised that a little side cutter doesn't really work as a hammer. It's OK just maintain ... Nobody knows you're STONED. What's that on your lap ... Yeah ... It's the other dismantled nut cracker, a magnet with what appear to be sheet metal screws and #2 phillips screw driver. You're fine! No one is looking at you. Be Cool!

Whattheheck is going through that monkey brain you have for a noggin? I was just messing with you about the dreadlocks too. It's horrible and you're embarassing your Mother!

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