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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No One Touched My Junk

On a recent trip back east I submitted to TSA screening in San Diego on the way out and in Boston's Logan Airport on the way back. I carry absolutely nothing on me through the airport. Just a wallet and packpack that hits the belt with my boots.

In San Diego It was an evening flight a Red Eye on Jet Blue. There were no full body scanners setup and I was in the checkpoint line with like 300 Marines heading home on leave. TSA just waved us through.

In Boston on the way back home it was a more diverse group of travelers in line flying on a Wednesday afternoon. Full body scanners ... patdowns ... the works. Again I was waved through the line and had a water bottle confiscated from the
backpack. I did notice though that a much higher percentage of the female folk were getting the business.Like every single one. Most just submitted to the scanner but several women were subjected to the full on body grope patdowns ... Just Sayin.

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