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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Only in California

Need to make a political contribution to your favorite libtard without union dues or affecting operations? Giganto Corporation (The Company) Board members came up with a plan to "save money" The plan is simple. It's a shared experience. Give everyone 3 days off at Thanksgiving. Unpaid by default unless you have something over 40 hours of PTO. For each 1000 employees you score approximately 300,000 dollars to donate to SCOAMF.

Sounded like a great idea in the boardroom. Right?

Implementation = FAIL. The SCOAMF couldn't have done a better job.

Is there anything not blindingly stupid about this? You put yourself in a position to take from someone and resentment is the only result. For the individual this represents 30% of the net income for the specified pay period… just before Christmas. The default selection as unpaid leave cannot be changed. If you worked that period before the holiday as developers often do. it's unpaid. Have well over 120 friggin hours of PTO, Trying to support 2 friggin households, Child Support, trying to payoff the friggin lawyer so you can get heck out. It's unpaid by default and cannot be changed.

Congratulations Giganto Corporation. You did it.

If you're not already spitting nails Go read another one over at IOTW

UPDATE: There is no "Christmas" Party here at Giganto Corporation either. Just so you get a sense of how it is here.

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