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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bloggy Stuff

Being minuscule and conservative is not so bad. As the one who's name shall not be mentioned here would say, "We're all Doomed". Not so much I say. There was an ebook going around a while back with interviews of seriously heavyweight bloggers explaining how to make it in the blogosphere. I'm still waiting for my copy. "Hello". While I'm waiting I thought I'd do a list of bloggy stuff for the minuscule blogger to get noticed occasionally.

1 Read the News
Read everything you can find off fellow bloggers, big or small does not matter.

2 Write
Learn to write well. Make your point and be done with it. It serves no purpose to make your writing over complicated. A bit of humor on occasion isn't a hinder at all. Try to post something everyday.

3 Swiping Content
Properly attribute the source of the content you have stolen unless it can't be traced.

4 Your Picture
A recent photo of yourself on the sidebar doesn't hurt. It lets your occasional passerbys know you're not an axe murderer.

5 Links and Comments
Link em up. Pick a couple blogs with similar interests. Comment occasionally and you'll hit the blogroll. Also ... don't be butthurt if no one comments at your place

That's it. If anyone wants on the The Association of Minuscule to Middling Conservative Bloggers blogroll, just let me know in the email on the side bar.

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