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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Are Ammo Prices Ready To Drop?

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The Obama-caused bubble in ammunition prices seems ready to bust. Over the last few years gun owners have seen ammunition prices double or even triple. Handgun and rifleammunition has been hard to find at times and .22 long rifle ammunition tripled in price over the last 18 months. People would line up to buy ammunition at prices two and three times the level that they were just two years ago. But all of that is about to change . . .

Ammunition supply looks as though it is ready to catch up with demand. Centerfire pistoland rifle cartridges are available on most store shelves. When I walked into a local Wal-Mart this morning, their were over 30 signs on the ammunition case indicating a rollback of prices by 10-15%.

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  1. Hi Dave,
    "DROP??" Well I don't know about where you live but "Deep in Dixie!!" at the wally-world you-name-it from .22 to 12-Ga. they got it all and at below BassPro and Academy prices!!!
    Fed. brass case 230 gr. .45 ammo $32.77/100, $16.97/50...
    Fed. 9mm 115 gr. brass case $9.97/50
    Win. 9mm 115 gr. brass case $37.86/200

    .22LR / 100 rounds hollow/round/plated/lead under $10/box

    Autendes, Fortuna, Juvat,
    GOT GUNZ......OUTLAW!!!!!,

    1. PS...How does that compare with where you're at??

  2. Hey Bill ... So Sorry for the delay. Just a bit of snow removal needed doing. Same pricing here at the Wally World. As is typical though you get there and they'll have none in the case.