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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A DIY Hipster Perpetual Motion Machine

Amaze Your Friends, Lean back in your lawn chair and watch as she goes and goes.

This is my DIY Perpetual Motion Device. Do not send Money.

This is not some kit you can order up from Amazon like that Ice Box Air Conditioner, Swamp Cooler, Fog Machine thing you invented last year either.

You Hipsters have to Do It Yourselves.

You will Need:

1 Smoking Hot Bikini Girl
1 Hula Hoop
1 Garden Hose

Some Assembly is required. Remember, water doesn't come out of the hose like magic.

You can accessorize your perpetual motion machine however you like with a stripper pole or disco ball as well.

Good Luck ... I'm off to invent water in a bottle and an outdoor grill that actually cooks food with wood and fire.

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