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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Blogiversary

So it's the TRW Blogiversary. 4 years ... whoa. 778 Posts.
Google says 191000 page views.
Mostly fellas googling Nice Rides or Friday Babes like Kate Upton and Denise Milani.

I'd like to take a minute though to thank a few folks that send traffic my way.
Proof ... Thank you so much for the Saturday Link around.
Irish you Magnificent Bastahd. Thanks a lot.
BigFurHat inspired the Association of Minicule to Middling Blogs with an IOTWlaunch.
Those GBBL Guys are Awesome too ... Thanks Fellas.
Tam and JayG bring the goods for 2A issues.
GatorDoug, Rodger the Real King of France, Adrienne, Zilla,Randy and the rest too many to count. They're all right there in the blog roll on the right. Thanks so much for stopping by.