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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Love These

via GOC

How many Jihadis Does it take to plant an IED? 4 Apparently
What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Achmed! Don't Touch Tha...

This has been presented as Jihadist Training vid however it seems to be several "Volunteers" dismantling an IED ahead of a patrol.


  1. You might want to look a little deeper into this one. It's quite old. Those guys are not Jihadis, they're our supposed allies, trying not to plant an IED, but dig it up. Listen to the audio: "We had an IED go off on the volunteers who had pushed on ahead...."

  2. Yeah I heard that too on a 2nd look. Its a shame! We've trained as many as we have ... lost so many soldiers and marines there and still they dig the damn things out by hand. Thanks for the comment.